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December 28 at 2:32pm ·

Just spent another interesting and delicious morning at Fusions Tasters Choice! Delores is so passionate about her products and helps you to enjoy your visit. I went with my husband, sister and her husband and everyone had a great time tasting the oils and vinegars. They didn’t realize how different tasting freshly crushed oils and wonderful vinegars could taste and blended together to give new and delicious taste sensations. I am looking to visiting again and trying out her new concoctions! Delores is always thinking up new ways to try the vinegars with the oils. If you have some time to spend and want to learn more about olive oil and flavored vinegars, Fusions Tasters Choice is the place to go. I think it’s the premier place to go to tasting!

December 28 at 3:31pm ·

My husband, sister and brother in law went to Fusion Tasters Choice today. I didn’t know what to expect but what a fun morning. Delores, the owner, is so knowledgeable. You can really tell she loves her job and is so passionate about what she does. She spend time educating us on the different types of olive oil and vinegar. We tasted all different types. She then combined different oils and vinegars. Can’t wait to try them in cooking and on salads. She mentioned they even have paint nights where you can paint your own decanter. That would be fun to do. It was a fun morning.

September 14 ·

Peach Balsamic Vinegar is great mixed in a chef’s salad.
Olives stuffed with garlic go great in Bloody Marys

Fusions Taster’s ChoiceHealth Food Store

September 2 ·

Love this little gem of a store! Owner is very friendly and helpful. We will never buy grocery store olive and balsamic oils again for it truly makes a huge difference in our recipes. No more trips to Philly!! Yay!! Many wonderful options to sample and these oils make wonderful gifts as our first bottle was a gift. Will be back soon!